Securing Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing for All




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The School Inspection Handbook' for the new OFSTED Framework (commencing September 2012) includes the following guidance regarding judgements of 'Behaviour and Safety':


Inspectors should consider:


  • types, rates and patterns of bullying and the effectiveness of the school’s actions to prevent and tackle all forms of bullying and harassment - this includes cyber-bullying and prejudice-based bullying related to special educational need, sexual orientation, sex, race, religion and belief, gender reassignment or disability;


  • the  effectiveness  of  the  school’s  actions  to  prevent  and  tackle  discriminatory and derogatory language – this includes homophobic and racist language, and language that is derogatory about disabled people;


  • pupils’  respect for, courtesy and good manners towards each other and adults, and pride in themselves and their school;


  • the views expressed by pupils, and different groups of pupils, of their experiences  of  others’  behaviour  and  attitudes  towards  them;  


  • the views of parents and carers, staff, governors and others;


  • the extent to which pupils are able to understand and respond to risk;


  • overall and persistent absence and attendance rates for different groups.